“After they shot us, we were all down on the ground, and they were going back and forth, and they were saying: ‘If any of you are still alive, we’ll have mercy and pity and take them to the hospital. Come on, you can tell us.’ If anyone moaned, or believed them and said they needed an ambulance, they would be rescued with shots and finished off there and then…What really disturbed me wasn’t just the death all around me. I…didn’t know whether my mother and sisters and brother had died. I knew most of the people around me had died. And it’s true I was afraid of dying myself. But what disturbed me so very much was that they were laughing, getting drunk and enjoying themselves all night long. They threw blankets on us and left us there till morning. All night long I could hear the voices of the girls crying and screaming, ‘For god’s sake, leave us alone.’ I mean…I can’t remember how many girls they raped. The girls’ voice, with their fear and pain, I can’t ever forget them.”- Munir Mohammad recalling the events of 18 September, 1982 at Abu Yassir shelter in Shatila Palestinian refugee camp.

Scarface (1983)



ladies and gentleman, the effects of KROKODIL. a heroin substitute which once injected only once starts to eat away at the skin from the inside, using once basically guarentees a very slow, very painful death.


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Is this moving or am i drunker than i thoguht
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